Gaff rigged ketch "Aventura"
77 feet, oak on oak, Pine masts, B&W Alpha diesel engine, all professionel navigation instruments.
LOH 18.9 meter, Beam 5.76 meter, Draft 2.25 meter, 116 HP, BRT 48.67



AVENTURA, originally built as "P. Christensen," is built as round bilge hull oak on oak sailing ship.

The keel was laid June 6th. 1913 and she was registered October 21st. 1914 as AS 1286 "P Christensen"
    Registered as AS 249 in 1919
    Registered as V 83 "Jørgen" in 1953
    Registered as OUYW "Aventura" October 7th. 1979

She was built at Chr. Christensen's shipyard in Kolding to P. C. Christensen's Eel-eksport Co in Kolding. At that time she was the flagship of the company. The ship's length was 19.5 m, width 6.25 m and draft 2.5 m. The gross tonnage is 48.67 BRT.

This type of ship was specially designed to have high load capacity and she was built with a well for live fish for the purchase and transfer of eels from Norway, Denmark and the Baltic countries and the transport of live eels to England, Holland and Belgium.

The first engine installation was a 30 HP Tuxham petrol glow engine. The second engine was a 50 HP Bolinder which was replaced in 1946 by an Alpha type 402, a 2-cylinder two-stroke disesel of 116 HK and 2-bladed reversible screw. The installed engine had a complete overhaul with new bearings, cylinders and pistons in 2003 and an extra completely overhauled Alpha type 402 is a part of the list of spare parts. 
The engine itself weighs 7.6 tons.

The eels were transported directly from the fishing grounds to P. C. Christensen's eel-eksporting company from around 1900 until 1945, where the company and the ships were taken over by Th. Petersen Eel-eksport in Kolding. At Kolding Fjord were eels unloaded into fish cages, which in turn was towed up the river to the export company at the bottom of the harbor. Here the eels were either gutted and smoked or put on ice in flat boxes. They were then shipped by railway to Europe - Germany, Holland, France, England, Italy - where ever the price was best.

During a good season she transported 230 tonnes of eels. There were 5 rooms in the well with a capacity for 24 tons of eels. They could contain 5 tons each and 4 tons in the aft well. The well had 45,000 holes and every year when she was on land she had to be cleaned and lubricated to provide proper water flow and oxygen to the eels.

When the water was warm with low oxygen level, it was necessary to sail around in the fiord at engine power just to keep the eels alive.

The ship had several voyages through the Kiel Canal with live eels to London, Antwerp and the Netherlands.

The company P. Christensen was overtaken by the company Th. Petersen in 1953 where she was registered V 83 and renamed after Jørgen Petersen.

She was copperclad as ice protection at Kolding Shipyard in 1958.

In 1970, the wheelhouse was removed and the engine was sent to the Alpha Factory in Frederikshavn for a major overhaul. The engine casing was at this time replaced by a new casing of aluminum.

The vessel ceased its professional trade in 1974 and was staying dormant in Sønderborg until 1977.

Under the name AVENTURA the ship was declared under protection in 1993.