Mainmast Barquentine "Pelican of London"

About the ship
Pelican of London is the ultimate Pirate Ship!
Her rig is based on the Barbary Coast Xebec (left) the most successful Pirates of the Mediteranean for 200 years.
ship with wings, unique in rig and able to challenge vessels twice her size.
Pace and space is what she offers. For comfort and elegance she has no rival amongst her peers.


In the search for speed and weatherly performance in a square-rigged ship Philip Goode, yacht and sail designer from Majorca,
and Graham Neilson worked in concert over 5 years to research and prove the unique qualities of the Arab Xebec (Chebec), until now, lost in time.
For two centuries these vessels had plundered and pillaged the western Mediterranean venturing as far as northern Europe but
relying on their agility and windward ability always to evade their pursuers. See more: Link

Multi Role
Cleared for world wide operation in September 2007 under the British Flag, in one year she has crossed the Atlantic, chartered in
the Caribbean and completed the whole circuit of the Tall Ships Races in 2008. Pelican is possibly the most versatile sailing ship afloat,
able to change roles from charter holidays to training under sail, from research to expedition in a matter of hours.


Originally French built and completed in 1948 to work in the Arctic as a double beam trawler she was named 'le Pelican'. After 20 years she was sold to Norway, converted to a coaster and renamed 'Kadett'. Now nearly 40 years on, following a complete rebuild in Portland in Dorset, UK, she sails again as 'Pelican', this time as a main mast barquentine.



Graham Neilson - With one successful rebuild behind him, that of T. S. Astrid, Commander Graham Neilson (Rtd) was
invited by the Commonwealth 2000 charity to find and rebuild a sailing ship to complete a circumnavigation of the
glabe as a Millennium celebration.

  Graham Neilson

Magne Risa - Shipbroker and Master found 'Kadett' in Norway and suggesting this would be an ideal hull for his project, introduced each to the other.

Harry Spencer - Master Rigger from Cowes took a great interest in Pelican and thinking that her hull might be suited to an extreme sail plan introduced Graham Neilson to Philip Goode, yacht and sail designer.

Philip Goode - Based in Majorca he has a particular interest in the Barbary Coast Xebec and in Pelican found the opportunity to prove the wisdom of this forgotten rig.

A scale model was built - weighing in at nearly 1/4 tonne! - and 'Pelicanina' as she was called was sailed
in the sea off Majorca with very satisfactory results.

      Sea trials with scale model

Following exceptional results from model trials in open water, verification of the proposed rig by Lloyds and many adaptations
for safety considerations this beautiful sail-plan emerged and is now Pelican’s trademark...

Sadly the Commonwealth 2000 plans never came to fruition and there were many delays whilst alternative funding
was sought. The conversion from coastal trader 'Kadett' to Pelican of London was finally completed in 2007.
Certificated by the Maritime Coastguard Agency (MCA) for world wide operation, she undertook her maiden voyage in September 2007, sailing from Weymouth to Spain, Portugal, the Canary Islands and ultimately to the West Indies.


The only ‘Mainmast’ Barquentine in the world! - "Pelican of London"