"VO60"  Ex  "HEINEKEN"
Whitbread/Volvo Ocean Racer

New owners - november 2003

Ex "Heineken"
Her female crew sailed around the world in the 1993/94 race

Copyright Per Heegaard

VO60 in Copenhagen, August 2002




60’ 18.75m
17’2” 5.25m
12’3” 3.75m
13,500 kgs
Bright White with Black Waterline
Bruce Farr, Design 282  - Link
Cookson Boats, Auckland - Link



The boat was built as a trainingboat for the Yamaha Team with Skipper Ross Field who won the Whitbread/Volvo Ocean Race in 1993/94.

It was sold to the all-female team “Heineken” lead by Dawn Riley and completed the 1993/94 Volvo Ocean Race. - Link

Afterwards the boat was used as trainingboat towards the 1997/98 Volvo Ocean Race by the Swedish Match Team lead by Gunnar “Gurra” Krantz.

After the 1997/98 Volvo Ocean Race, the boat was sold to the Danish VO60 Racing Team “Nokia” together with the Swedish Match 2. generation VO60. The boat was mainly used for corporate sailing until it was bought by another Danish VO60 Racing Team “StofaNet” in spring 2001.

In connection with the sale the boat was taken completely apart, fully serviced and entirely repainted by Hempel Contractors.

CONSTRUCTION: Hull is build of Kevlar and Epoxy
Complete respray (deck, topsides and below waterline), by Hempel Contractors, Copenhagen in spring 2001
Bright white topsides, with black waterline, white/grey deck and grey below waterline
Extensive service ongoing since with complete service in spring 2001.
All keel bolts replaced in winter 1997/98
New rudder (rebuilt) bearings 1998


B&G instrument system:
- Windspeed (true and apparent)
- Boat Speed heading etc
- Wind Direction (true and apparent)
- Echosounder
4 x 12v batteries

MECHANICAL: 1 x Main Yanmar, 64hp – new 1997
1 x Auxiliary engine/generator Yanmar 20hp – new 1999
1 x Folding propeller (racing)

OTHER MECHANICAL: Water ballast system (2 x 2.500 litres)

TANKAGE: Drinking water tank - approximately 135 litres
2 x fuel tanks – approximately 300 litres in total
The two fuel tanks gives about 48 hours of 8,5 kn of continuous sailing on main engine

WATER SYSTEMS: Dismounted watermaker.

ACCOMMODATION: 12 berths in one cabin

Gas cooker
SAFETY: 1 life-raft 1 anchor

GPS x 2: Philips AP Navigator & Garmin GPSMAP 215/225

RIGGING: Alloy Mast (Southern Spar) – new in 1996
Running Rig replaced ongoing
Standing Rig replaced 1996
Kevlar runners (aramid) replaced 2002
Alloy boom
Carbon spinnaker boom

Copyright Per Heegaard

WINCHES: All winches by Barient – 11 winches in total

SAILS: 1 3DL North Sail Main
Approximately 10 spinnakers and 8 jibs

Sail plan - example from newer designs

All deckgear repaired or replaced in 1997.
20’ Cradle