House Boat Project

Ex. Najaden Class Patrol vessel - Location: Marstal
Approx 300 m2

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LOA 37 meter - Beam 6.75 meter - BRT 160
No engines - Plenty of building space for creative and skilled buyers.

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Grill (stainless steel) on fore deck

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Bridge - Radio compartment (in front of bridge)

Welcome below the fore deck (banjerdæk)
Large crew mess, 3 officer cabins, Officers mess, Toilet room, Galley

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Ex. crew mess - now owners main cabin

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Officers mess - Galley

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Two officer cabins

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Officer cabin                                                                 Owners cabin looking aft

Aft deck - aft of the bridge

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New deck house (approx 40 m2) under construction & Engine room (empty) - Oceans of space...

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The ship contains approx. 225 m2 below deck. It is possible to establish acces to the
engine room from the front- and aft section in the ship. Also to build in new port holes in the ships sides.

Aft compartments - Aft of the engine room
Compartments: Crew quarters, 14 berths, Sargent cabin, Wash room, storerage room, steering engine room

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Windows for the new deck house included

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Container with building materials, incl. paint (for the whole hull) etc.
The berthing includes 200 m2 on land. Rent per month DKK 4.000

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Total flore space in the ship is estimated to be 300 m2 (75 m2 on deck and 225 m2 below)