M/V "Mathilde"

Classic passenger- and cargo vessel - Ex. Galtesund, Norway

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Built 1950 Norway as Passengervessel with cargohold. - Rebuilt 1964/1978 and agin in 2003-2006
Commisioned now as a hotel- office- and conference ship in Finland.

Built to DNV class. Now unclassed. - 557 GRT / 121 NRT. Dims: 49.2 x 7.7 x 4.7 m.
Main engine: 1400 bhp MAK 8M451AK (1966). - Speed abt 12.5 kn.

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Aux. engines 2 x 130 bhp Man + 1 x 40 bhp Isuzu.
Generators:- 2 x 105 KVA Siemens 220 V AC.- 1 x 25 KVA 220 V AC.

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19 one man cabins (whereof 9-10 with wash-basin)

(The old 2 men cabins where put together 2 and 2, to make large one man cabins).

5 toilets. 3 showers.

Cargohold is converted to workshop with workbenches etc.

The old cafeteria is made into lounge/library/tv-room.- There is also a smoking room.
The Galley has been upgraded with coldstore.
- Messroom with seats for 16 persons.

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Captains cabin

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  Vessel has not maintained class and she is not in trading condition. 
She has the last years been used as accommodation/training vessel
The engine has, however, been run regularly.


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Pics. from the drydocking in the spring of 2002. Bottom was cleaned and repainted
More pics to follow from the recent docking and painting of the hull

Before new pain sceeme

Bridge area 2006

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