"Arctic Janus"

This is an unbelieveable ship with a 6.5" double oak hull and all accomodation in mahogany and teak.
Will take you everywhere from The Pacific to The Arctic. Range 3000 NM

Totals - Bridge - Deck Salon - Cargo Salon - Cabins - Engine - Decks - Home

Cargo Salon

cargo.salon.jpg (75049 bytes)

Access from the deck salon. Two passenger cabins (left/right) and the cargo salon fore.
Notice the two watertight doors

janus 049.small.jpg (34030 bytes)  janus 057.small.jpg (23321 bytes)

Looking forward (left) picture - and aft at the right picture. Door to bath room

Cabin - F (sleeps four)


Cabin - G (sleeps four) -cabin no 8 in the ship.

The former cargo room was recently converted into a large salon seating 15 persons

Looking to SB side

Port side side

below.fore 010.jpg (86796 bytes)

Looking to SB side

below.fore 007.jpg (144322 bytes)

Looking aft to Port side. Door to the bath room is open.

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Skylight - it can open compleetely

below.fore 012.jpg (20024 bytes)   below.fore 005.jpg (20264 bytes)

Access to stores, 4.5 tons water tank and emergency escape hatch & Toilet next to the two cabins (see above)

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