"Arctic Janus"

This is an unbelieveable ship with a 6.5" double oak hull and all accomodation in mahogany and teak.
Will take you everywhere from The Pacific to The Arctic. Range 3000 NM

Totals - Bridge - Deck Salon - Cargo Salon - Cabins - Engine - Decks - Home

Live'aboard Ship
Rebuilding this section to have two big salons and still maintain five cabins

The three cabins A, B and C are easily converted into an extra big salon.
6-8 new big portholes/windowes like the those on the bridge to be installed.

You will still have two cabins (E and D) on this deck and two below deck.
Owners cabin on the bridge deck is to be converted with an extra berth.

Deck salon seen from the door to the fore deck
Acces to the bridge area and captains quarter in the left side of the picture: