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Island with a fortress and harbour NOW SOLD

Only five kilometers from Copenhagen. Area 50.214 m2. Buildings 17.050 m2.
The fortress was erected by King Christian IX in 1894 as part of the Copenhagen defence.

"Middelgrundsfortet" - ěresund, Denmark

The fort remained a part of the Danish military defence structure until 1984.
For periods of time close to 800 soldiers have been doing military duties on the island. 
The fort has however never been used in a war situation.

A number of effects from the somewhat intriguing military history of the island have been
preserved for posterity.  These include some of the original troop quarters, each with room for
32 soldiers, the mine station, as well as the original generator machinery, which is still in operative condition!

The fort consists of 2.5 mio. tons of concrete and granite from the island Bornholm. 
There are numerous subterranean passages throughout the island, no less than 8 km in all. 

All building materials were solid and of excellent quality as can be seen from the original Oak-ports
and windows which have been preserved.

The hand-cut granite from Bornholm is also intact at the Middelgrunds-Fort, which is without doubt the largest, strongest and the most impressive of the Danish forts.

As remnants from the Air Force era two Hawk rocket batteries are displayed on the launching pads, right next to the hangars at the top of the island.
An extensive renovation of all facilities on the island was undertaken some ten years ago.
Since that time the fort has been functioning as a hotel, mainly used for conferences, seminars and other major events.

Asking price EUR 15 Mio.

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