Ex. Passenger/Car Ferry
"William Jørgensen" - Now "house-boat". New owner in 2005 - www.hugohein.eu

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New 610 HK Cummings Engine & Gear, propellersystem plus bowthtuster, installed in 1996, only 8.000 hrs.
Trading certificate for 97 passagerer.
Room for 11 cars on the car deck
Passenger accomodation under car deck

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Kaldesignal: OWOH OFF. nR: A289
Hjemsted: Sejerø Længde: 27,80 m.
Bredde: 7,30 m. Dybgang: 2,16 m.
Dødvægt: 28,4 tons Deplacement: 212,4 tons
Brutto tonnage: 174 brt. Netto tonnage: 89 nt.
Byggeår: 1966 Værft: Holland
Klasseselskab: Bureau Veritas Motorfabrikat/år: Cummings-1996
HK. / kilowatt: 610/448 Antal biler: 10/11 enheder
Antal pass. sommer: 110 Antal pass. vinter: 56
Nyttelast på bildæk: 22 tons - -

Acces from the car deck to passenger accomodation, sun deck, engine room and bridge in SB side.

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Acces to the car deck in both sides. Crane for gangway in SB side

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SB and BB side deck

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Sundeck looking aft and forward

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Foredeck with casing over the center section of the car deck - free hight is 3.25 meter

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Ga-plan. Five watertight compartments. New watertight doors from 1996. The ships has an exellent stability.
From aft: Steering machine, Engine room, pass. cabin 1, pass. cabin 2, pantry section, crew cabin.

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Steering machine operated on compressed air

Engine Room

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'Cummins' Main engine, 610 HK installed in 1996 - SB side looking aft. Door to steering machine


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Gear and Main engine seen from SB side

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Aux engine -overhauled in 1996 and Generator - new from 1996


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Engine room BB-side with central heating oilpan & Workbench

Passenger Compartments

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First pass. section - watertight door to second section

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Secons pass. section with acces to the pantry

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Crew's quarter in the front compartment.

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Detail - new powerfull side thruster from 1996

Back on the car deck

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