Three Mast Steel Schooner "Skonnerten Jylland"
Converted and restored during 2007-2008  to a modern Sail Training Ship

New owners in October 2010. "DSI Andromeda" -

LOA 36.00 meter 118 feet  
LOD 30.40 meter 100 feet  
LPP 26.65 meter   87 feet
Beam   6.56 meter   22 feet
Draft   2.70 meter  
NRT 47
BRT 157

Trading permit:  European trade within GMDSS area A1, A2 and A3. The ship may carry up to 20 persons

Minimum safe manning under Danish Flag:

Master: Yacht master, 1st class (Yachtskipper af 1. grad)
Mate:    Yacht master, 1st class (Yachtskipper af 1. grad)
2 persons: Certificate of competency in sailing for yachtsmen (Duelighedsbevis for fritidssejlere)



Following pics. from the restauration of the ship during 2007-2008:

IMAG0048.450.jpg (35599 bytes)     IMAG0042.450.jpg (34143 bytes)

The "Anne El II" was build of steel plates in 1952 in Karlstad as the last sailing cargo ship in Sweden. She is right now under conversion to
carry 32 passengers in 10 new cabins (not yet compleeted). And she comes with crew quarters for of 8.
The owners have spent approx one million EUR on the project and they are now open to offers for a as they have decided to carry on with
another project.

Sail area: 330 m2 divided on seven sails. Cruising speed on engine approx 8 knots. Cruising speed on sails approx 10 knots
Mast heights from fore to aft: 23 meter, 25 meter and 22.5 meter

The ship is classed by the Danish Maritime Organisation and is in fine condition (ultrasonic measurement are available).
Former name was "Elida III" operated by the Elida Mission in Sweeden and Norway (see bottom section og this page)

IMAG0040.jpg (90876 bytes)

IMAG0044.jpg (39547 bytes)     

Above pics. show the old rig. Now she has new sails and a handy wish-bone rig.


Welcome aboard

bridge.capt.quarter.jpg (74021 bytes)

Bridge deck with captains quarter aft of the bridge. Acces to the foredeck from bridge section.




     IMAG0019.jpg (25699 bytes)

IMAG0038.jpg (28391 bytes)   

extra steering position on the fore deck (picture from before the refit)

IMAG0014.jpg (97938 bytes)

The deck house containes a salon with seating for 50 persons. Teak deck all over

IMAG0013.jpg (36686 bytes)     IMAG0047.jpg (34491 bytes)

IMAG0017.jpg (26532 bytes)  IMAG0016.jpg (25765 bytes)    IMAG0012.jpg (26414 bytes)

The main deck

From aft: Crew quarters, 3 cabins with room for 7 in sb side. Provision room, WC & Shower room, Pantry. Main Salon with seating for approx
40 persons. Access to fore deck in front section. Access to passenger cabins below. New salon for approx. 12-14 persons.

IMAG0001.jpg (59421 bytes)

Salon looking aft as seen from sb side before the refit

   Main salon after the refit

IMAG0002.jpg (97716 bytes)

salon looking aft as seen from bb side before the refit.

Aft section on main deck with crew quarters and pantry. Notice the two salons in fore section.


IMAG0037.jpg (34364 bytes)    IMAG0036.jpg (24848 bytes)

Details from crew quarters in aft section

IMAG0020.jpg (35574 bytes)    IMAG0008.jpg (29211 bytes)

Lower deck with engine room, laundry and passenger cabins under construction. 8 new cabins with room for 14 pax.

IMAG0005.jpg (27067 bytes)     IMAG0004.jpg (58176 bytes)

Lower deck before refit and building of 8 new cabins etc.



Engine room.

340 HP Volvo diesel and two aux machines (VALMET AND MITSUBISHI)

IMAG0025.jpg (44892 bytes)     IMAG0028.jpg (47056 bytes)

IMAG0022.jpg (50251 bytes)      IMAG0021.jpg (34212 bytes)

Aux no 2

IMAG0026.jpg (42853 bytes)

elida.3.sweeden.jpg (50053 bytes)

Former name was "Elida III" operated by the Elida Mission in Sweeden and Norway.

OBS: New owners in October 2010