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Galeon Replica
Day pax 126, Crew 4 and 16 cannons

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Dimensions: Loa: 28.8 m, Beam: 5.56 m, Draft: 2.42 m
Material: Steel hull (ex. trawler) and wood superstructure
Class: Classm: KM III (1) PASS 'D' COASTAL
Trade area: Coastal / Harbour sheltered water
Main engine: 225 BHP VOLUND
Capacity/Seats: 32 on open deck, 31 in bar, and 63 in saloon
Saloon: 63 seats in saloon
Interior: 31 person in bar. All finnished in wood
Sundeck: 32 pax at open deck. All cannons, mast and sails
Nav. aids: All to meet her class regulation
Safety: All to meet class regulation
General: Vessel rebuilt 1999 and trade as Stylish Restaurant Ship.
Capacity: 126 pax + 4 crew. Finished in high standard materials.
Reported to be in exellent condition.

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The lower deck (former cargo hold) is empty except for the engine room

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Owners representative: Bjørn Bratten & Hugo Hein