Colin Archer design study - Ketch "Teddy"
Designed and built with a steel hull by Arne Hedlund, Denmark in 1988

LOA 13.50 meters, LOD 11.80 meters, Beam 3.83 meters, BRT 18.5, 22 HK SAAB Diesel. Displacement 15 Ton.
Location: Galway, Ireland. Owner: Dr. Nicolas Kats

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All construction details are custom made by the designer, and although "Teddy" comes with a steel hull she certainly has a wooden heart.

Welcome aboard

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Left chimney is for the oil-pan heater. The right one is for the stove (wood or coal)

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Welcome below deck:

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                                                     Just a tribute to the designer: His name board placed on one of the steps - he built this boat for himself..

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All details in the boat were built to meet a very high standard...!

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Oil pan heater and stove

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