75' Viking Gokstad Longship

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  • Build Year: 2000
  • Located in Westbrook, CT
  • Hull Material: Wood


    Builder: Viking Designer: Gunnar Eggertsson


    LOA: 75' Beam: 17' Displacement: 80 tons


    Engine(s): Twin Cruising Speed: 6 knots Max Speed: 10-15 knots under sail


    Fuel: Diesel Water: yes Holding: No


I'll bet you think you've seen it all for yacht listings. 
Well, we like to see if we can open your eyes up to some 'alternative' possibilities as well! 

Here we have a 'yacht' requiring a very special customer..... 
It is an absolutely authentic Viking Longship of the Gokstad type! This is the type of ship in which the Vikings made all their famous voyages of pillage and exploration. 

This particular example was built in cooperation with several Scandinavian museum groups of oak and larch in Iceland for the millenium celebrations and sailed first to Erik the Red's settlement in Greenland, then on to Nova Scotia, Boston, New London, and then New York, delighting thousands of people at every port of call. 

Please be advised, there are no sops to 'modern times' here. 'Islendinger' is not a toy, 
nor is anything simulated; it is as real as it gets. Well-equipped for oar or sail, 'Islendinger' (Icelander) is ready for that re-enactment, cinematic, Scandinavian, or museum group that is TRULY looking for the real thing!


Delightfully comfortable (if you happen to be a Viking!), with rowing benches that can be pushed together for variable sleeping arrangements. Covered accommodations may be found within a collapsible deckhouse for long-distance voyaging. Berthing for up to 70 Vikings and their guests (willing or not!), but easily managed by much fewer as a result of the auxiliary engines. Helm aft to starboard of sternpost(starboard=steering board).

Sand fire pit beneath central canopy tent, or propane camp-stoves for cabin usage (depends how authentic you wish to get!).

Basic communications (VHF and SSB), boxed binnacle & compass at helm station, EPIRB.

Doesn't really have a deck, as this is really a 75' open boat. Hull planking in larch, frames/keel/stemposts in oak, historically accurate clench-built clinker construction. Decorative and removable dragon figurehead wards off sea-monsters (please unship when approaching friendly lands). Rigging in hemp, well-served and tarred, sails in canvas, spars in spruce, blocks in oak, oars in fir. Decorative (and functional!) shields for gunwales, or as needed (check with your embassy for preferred/hostile cruising areas). Folding propellers for auxilliary engines

Delivery can be arranged, as Capt Eggertsson is ready for another voyage soon, and if not sold quickly, will be voyaging to Europe before the Autumn equinoctal gales. Islendingur doesn't actually need 70 Vikings, as Captain Eggertsson managed to make it to the New World with only 9, but it helps! Truthfully and all kidding aside, there is no finer reproduction longship available anywhere. If you or your organization are looking for authenticity, you need go no further than 'Isendingur.'